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EPISODE 1 - Stephen Curry says ELIMINATE FOOD WASTE (sdg12)

Stephen Curry

Woodend VIC, Dja Dja Wurrung Country

After rambling about cow farts + burps, Stephen says “save food scraps from the bin.” Food scraps in landfill create methane - a toxic gas 20x worse than the emissions from our cars.

Saving food scraps from your bin, by putting them  back into the soil, makes healthy soils to grow more food + draws more carbon out of the atmosphere. 


We only rely on the soil for 99% of our calories! 

So it's kinda, like, really, really IMPORTANT.

Get a kitchen caddy.

Get a worm farm (we dig

Get a compost bin.

Get some chickens.

Wizz scraps in a blender with water for a disgusting ‘sludge smoothie’ + dig back into the soil.

Got no garden? 
Live in an apartment?
Give your scraps to neighbours, friends or family who can get those nutrients back into the soil where they belong.

Google to find out your local council options for organic waste. 


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13:20 mins

EP21: Saul Griffith says Electrify Everything

Saul says we need to electrify our machines + power them with renewable energy.

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07:43 mins

EP22: Sophia Says Save Energy, Make Money

Sophia built herself a comfy, healthy climate-friendly home that MAKES HER MONEY!

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07:43 mins

EP23: Richard + Kate Say Go Energy Efficient All Electric

In their ‘No Bills New Build’, Richard and Kate are living the green dream.

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07:43 mins


1 Million Women founder Nat Isaacs’ mission to get 1MW electrifying everything,

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07:43 mins

EP26: Dr Annabelle says, For your health, Get off Gas.

Dr Annabelle and husband Alex live in a comfy, healthy, climate-friendly home with NO ENERGY BILLS.

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08:20 mins

EP29: from season 2 Randy Feltface The Vegan Puppet Wants us to GET OFF GAS

Randy Feltface wants us to get off gas, go all-electric + support renewables.

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08:42 mins

EP30: from season 2 Tony Wolfe says CUT CARBON. NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS like COAL OIL GAS

Tony’s worked in coal for 40 years. Now he's calling for us to leave fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) in the ground and switch to renewables. How?