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EPISODE 24 - Apartment Solar: Tia and Murray Say Save Money + The Planet

Tia and Murray

Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country, RICHMOND, Victoria

Sure. Not all neighbours are like Scott and Charlene.

In fact, some are total jerks.

Luckily for Tia and Murray, in their block of 18 apartments, the residents get along, so were able to devise a plan to get solar on their shared rooftop.

Using rebates and zero interest green-home loans to finance, they now enjoy cheaper, healthier, solar powered energy.

Tia went the next step to disconnect gas and go all-electric. Tick-boom Tia!

Murray reckons the key to strata solar on a shared roof is working together.

Build a coalition of the willing.

Don’t make it mandatory or detrimental to those not ready yet.

Make it possible to join down the track.

As summers get hotter, winters get colder and energy gets more expensive, how can apartment owners afford to heat and cool their homes, be more comfortable and insure against rising gas, petrol and energy costs?

Check out Tia + Murray’s solar solution for apartment blocks.

Where are you on your journey?

You mightn’t be in an apartment block, but you can download the TICK OFF TEN, stick it to your fridge and get started:

1. Switch to a green renewable energy company. Is yours green or ‘greenwashing’?

2. Turn aircon to ‘heat’ mode in winter (split system/heat pumps/ reverse cycle air-con is cheapest way to heat + cool).

3. Keep weather out. (Keeping hot air out in summer, cold air out in winter means more money in your pocket).

4. Join My Efficient Electric Home on Facebook. Crowdsource info from others on the efficient-electric-home journey.

5. Insulate floors, walls and ceilings (More insulation means less energy to heat + cool our homes.)

6. Get off gas. Use portable induction cooktop instead of your gas stove. Get ready to retire gas cookers, hot water + cars.

7. Secondary or double glazing. (Keeps heat out in summer. Cold out in winter.)

8. Book an expert home energy assessment + map out your efficient-electric-home blueprint.

9. Done the above? Ready for solar? Research solar rebates + green loans. 

10. Forward this to a mate and get them on board.



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