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EPISODE 27 - Ben's Budget Tips for Renters: Keep the Weather Out!

Ben Kreunen

Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country, Ringwood East, Victoria

When summer rolls around, it’s nearly impossible for Ben to get a decent night’s sleep in his rental.

Despite fans, closing blinds and blackout curtains, the temperature in Ben’s home get to a sweltering 30 degrees in summer.

We need better regulations for safer, more comfortable living conditions for renters.

Until then, Ben shares some free and cheap things renters can do to get some respite from hot summers and cold winters.

From draught proofing, black out curtains, TREES, external wall blinds, fans, plastic bubble wrap, see the improvements Ben’s been able to make on a budget.

Thanks Lyn for these additional renters’ tips from the experts at EcoMaster: 

1. Gas Heating  -Make sure the boot is sealed to the floorboards.

- Regularly check underfloor heating ducts are secured to each outlet.  They often come loose, fall off or leak badly, creating cold homes and high bills.

2. Glass windows.

* Winter: Treat with bubble wrap / heavy drapes / hanging doonas / install invisible pelmets.

* Summer:  use Renshade with Velcro dots.  Remove and take at end of lease.  Hugely effective.

3. Outside paving... use pot plants to stop reflected heat bouncing into the home.

4. Block sunlight from striking the home... suspend blinds and bamboo rollers from eaves.

5. Door draughts... door snakes can be a trip hazard and only stay in place when you put them there.  

When you leave the house the door snake gets pushed out by the opening door and is not put back after you leave.  So your house is leaking  ALL the time you are out.

Install a good quality “draught excluder” around $25 and a door perimeter seal (for sides and top of door) for $16.

6. Heating... heat the person not the air.  Thermals, uggs, heated throw for sofa time. Electric blanket at night.

Where are you on your journey? Download the TICK OFF TEN, stick it to your fridge and get started:

1. Switch to a green renewable energy company. Is yours green or ‘greenwashing’?

2. Turn aircon to ‘heat’ mode in winter (split system/heat pumps/ reverse cycle air-con is cheapest way to heat + cool).

3. Keep weather out. (Keeping hot air out in summer, cold air out in winter means more money in your pocket).

4. Join My Efficient Electric Home on Facebook. Crowdsource info from others on the efficient-electric-home journey.

5. Insulate floors, walls and ceilings (More insulation means less energy to heat + cool our homes.)

6. Get off gas. Use portable induction cooktop instead of your gas stove. Get ready to retire gas cookers, hot water + cars.

7. Secondary or double glazing. (Keeps heat out in summer. Cold out in winter.)

8. Book an expert home energy assessment + map out your efficient-electric-home blueprint.

9. Done the above? Ready for solar? Research solar rebates + green loans. 

10. Forward this to a mate and get them on board.



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