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EPISODE 28 - from season 1 James Allston wants us to get off gas, go all-electric + support renewables.

Renewable Energy Geek-Guru

Hobart TASMANIA, Nipaluna Country

In season one, James Allston was our all-electric hero.

He shows why going all-electric is the future.

James wants us to get off gas, go all-electric + support renewables.

Electrifying everything (our cars and homes) and powering from renewables is the fastest way we can decarbonize, save money + the future of our people + planet.

What’s wrong with gas?
Gas is a dirty, polluting fossil fuel.
Any fuel we burn pollutes our air, harming us, our environment, the plants + animals.

Getting off gas is big part of our renewable energy transition. 

How to go all-electric?
Go solar. 
(Rooftop solar electricity is about 5x cheaper than grid prices.)

Swap gas stove for induction. 
(electric cooking is cheaper + removes harmful gas stove pollutants from the air that can cause respiratory illness.)

Swap gas hot water for heat pumps 
(heat pumps use 1/3 to 1/4 the energy to heat the same thing with fossil fuels)

Choose reverse cycle aircon to heat + cool cool cool.

So energy efficient.

Insulate. Retro fit to plug draughts. Double or secondary glaze.

With these improvements we require less energy to cook, heat + cool our homes.

Questions about electrifying your world? This FB group has the answers.

Where are you on your journey? Download the TICK OFF TEN, stick it to your fridge and get started:

1. Switch to a green renewable energy company. Is yours green or ‘greenwashing’?

2. Turn aircon to ‘heat’ mode in winter (split system/heat pumps/ reverse cycle air-con is cheapest way to heat + cool).

3. Keep weather out. (Keeping hot air out in summer, cold air out in winter means more money in your pocket).

4. Join My Efficient Electric Home on Facebook. Crowdsource info from others on the efficient-electric-home journey.

5. Insulate floors, walls and ceilings (More insulation means less energy to heat + cool our homes.)

6. Get off gas. Use portable induction cooktop instead of your gas stove. Get ready to retire gas cookers, hot water + cars.

7. Secondary or double glazing. (Keeps heat out in summer. Cold out in winter.)

8. Book an expert home energy assessment + map out your efficient-electric-home blueprint.

9. Done the above? Ready for solar? Research solar rebates + green loans. 

10. Forward this to a mate and get them on board.



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