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EPISODE 8 - Tish King says AVOID PACKAGING (sdg 13)

Proud Torres Strait Island woman + zero-waste hero

Brunswick, Victoria - Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country

Tish wants us to aim for zero waste.


Buy less. 
Buy long lasting. 

Buy reusable + refillable.

Taking tonnes of energy to source, create, transport, store + discard, our ‘stuff’ ( food, clothes, take-away containers etc.) contributes to climate change (+ pollutes our air + water).

We cant recycle our way out.
We can stop creating waste.


We need to reduce the waste we generate + recycle what we use. 

1/Everywhere possible, avoid packaging.
Purchase durable, reusable products.
Avoid disposables, takeaway + single use packaging.
Swap plastic for a bamboo or wooden toothbrush.
Take containers to your local bulk foods store.
Shop where you can buy loose un-packaged groceries (like markets).
Check your council website on how to ‘recycle right’ in your area.

2/Try a TRASH AUDIT + Choose Better:
Look at your bin at the end of the week.
What do you throw out?
What are the package-free or better packaged alternatives?

ecostore plastic bottles contain a mix of Sugar Plastic – (a renewable, recyclable plastic that captures CO2 as it grows) + locally sourced recycled plastic (from New Zealand milk bottles). 

ecostore packaging uses less energy and resources + reduces the amount of plastic in our environment.

Because recycling is good, but refilling is better,ecostore has over 80 refill locations around NZ + recently launched their first in-supermarket refill station in Australia.More coming to a store near you.    

3/#Rent #Share #Choosesecondhandfirst #Gocircular
Shop at Vinnies Vic (not just during Buy Nothing New Month!) 

Buying secondhand or donating to Vinnies Vic, you’re helping build our new, ‘circular economy’ where nothing is wasted + all stuff gets a second-life.


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