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EPISODE 13 - Linh Do says GET INVOLVED (sdg 16)

Linh Do

Melbourne University, Naarm

From the ancient Greek meaning ‘affairs of the city’, politics, is basically, getting involved in how our world works.

Yet, loads of us say “I'm just not into politics.”

Getting involved (or ‘politics’)  =   using your voice to build a better world.

You can get involved in ‘politics’ without fighting your Uncle at Christmas.

Linh's been getting involved (or politicking, without being a politician) for more than half her life!

She wants you to get involved too.

There are loads of ways to do this.

Get informed. 
Find out who is your local representative.
What are they doing about climate change?
Call them. 
Email them. 
Let them know what you think.

The politicians are our representatives. 
How are they representing you + the things you love?
Not knowing this, is like outsourcing your life to someone you know nothing about.

We vote for politicians to make decisions for us. 
Let them know you want action on climate change.

Attend a rally.
Do something to improve your community, your apartment block, your school or work place. 



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07:43 mins

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