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EPISODE 15 - Randy Feltface says ELECTRIFY EVERYTHING (sdg 7, 13)

Randy Feltface

Wurundjeri-Woiwurrung Country (collingwood children’s farm)

Want to know the mood of the muppets on climate change?

Randy tells it straight.

He wonders how we got so disconnected from nature, the plants, animals + planet which we are part of.

This bird watcher, plant, planet + animal lover wants us to protect plants + animals in their homes by changing how we live in ours.

He wants us to get off gas, go all-electric + support renewables.

Electrifying everything (our cars and homes) and powering from renewables is the fastest way we can decarbonize, save money + the future of our people + planet.

What's wrong with gas?
Gas is a dirty, polluting fossil fuel.
Any fuel we burn pollutes our air, harming us, our environment, the plants + animals.

Getting off gas is big part of our renewable energy transition.

How to go all-electric?
Go solar. 
(Rooftop solar is cheaper than grid electricity.)

Swap gas stove for induction. 
(electric cooking is cheaper + removes harmful gas stove pollutants from the air that can cause respiratory illness.)

Swap gas hot water for heat pumps
(heat pumps use 1/3 to 1/4 the energy to heat the same thing with fossil fuels)

Choose reverse cycle aircon to heat + cool.
So energy efficient. Cool cool cool.

Insulate. Retro fit to plug draughts. Double glaze.
With these improvements we require less energy to cook, heat + cool our homes.

Check out what these totes brainiacs have to say on the all-electric revolution:

Questions about electrifying your world? This FB group has the answers.




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07:43 mins

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