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EPISODE 19 - Tamara DiMattina says SAVE MONEY. SAVE THE PLANET. BUY NOTHING NEW (sdg 1,3,4,13)

Tamara DiMattina


Our fast fashion throwaway culture is fuelling climate change AND draining our bank balances.

We’re working hard to earn money to spend on ‘stuff’ we don't need;

taking too many natural resources, burning too many fossil fuels to make, transport, store and get rid of our "stuff."

But... there's a beautiful alternative that’s good for us, our pockets, our people + planet.


Want to feel good about yourself and your finances? 

Buy Nothing New is for YOU!


We can either buy ‘stuff’ or financial freedom.


By the time they retire, the average millennial will have wasted around $300k on ‘stuff’ they don't need.


There's a better, smarter way.

For nearly two decades, Tamara has bought nothing new.

She wants you to do the same.

Like FebFast or Dry July for booze, Buy Nothing New Month is a detox from unnecessary shopping.

It gets us to think about our stuff. 

Do we need it? Who made it? What were their working conditions?

When we throw it 'away', 'where is away?'

Tamara wants us to:

reimagine our relationship with stuff;

to share, swap, borrow, fix,  extend the life of the goods we’ve got; 

to choose secondhand first;

to make zero waste our norm.

For secondhand everything (Tamara buys everything secondhand, from clothes, furniture, gifts and homewares) try gumtree, facebook marketplace, ebay, depop, the realreal, threadup and charity shops.

Get into swapping, renting, borrowing and sharing.

Support the secondhand + circular economy.

Buy experiences instead of stuff.

Saving money on the stuff we don’t need, we’ve got the money for the stuff we do.

Buy Nothing New + build our better future.



Share your feedback and we'll make the trips 'n' tips even better:



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07:43 mins

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EP16: Dr. Chrisanta Muli says EDUCATE GIRLS (sdg 4, 5)

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EP17: Tony Wolfe says NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS (sdg 7, 13)

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