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EPISODE 12 - Tom Campbell + Jasper Pittard say GET STARTED (sdg 13)

Tom Campbell + Jasper Pittard

Wurundjeri Country (Victoria Park)

Tom + Jasper represent more than 260 past + present AFL + AFLW footballers who want to do more to tackle climate change.

From  grassroots to the elite level, climate change is already impacting the sports we love.

Tom says we don't have to look far to see the devastation climate change is already having on Australians + our sports.

Extreme heat is putting our health at risk, floods are destroying sports fields, while the black summer bushfire smoke forced Tom’s team to train indoors.

Tom + Jasper want sporting clubs + codes to rapidly cut carbon pollution by changing the way they build venues, travel, use renewable energy + cut out waste. 

They want us to do the same, in our lives, our homes + workplaces.

Tom + Jasper want us to GET STARTED. 

Have the climate change conversation with a mate.

"Its about progress, not perfection" says Jasper.

"We need all of us doing it imperfectly. Not some of us doing it perfectly."

Download the free "Tick off Ten" checklist here.

Stick it to your fridge. 

Tick ‘em off 

Let’s get this done!

Want to chat better with buddies about climate change?
This crew have you covered:


Want to join Tom ‘n’ Jasper's AFLP4CA?

Tom + Jasper acknowledge, Aussie rules football - the game we love and that has given us so much - comes from Marngrook, a First Nations game.



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