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EPISODE 17 - Tony Wolfe says NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS (sdg 7, 13)

Tony Wolfe

Gunaikurnai Country (Gippsland)

Tony's worked in coal for 40 years.
Now he's calling for us to leave fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) in the ground and switch to renewables.

1/ Choose banks + super funds that don’t invest in fossil fuels. 

It's one of the biggest positive actions we can take.

Call your bank and super fund today.

Ask if they invest your money in fossil fuels.

If they do, switch to one that doesn’t.

Many banks have committed to getting out of coal, but still fund gas.

Gas is a dirty fossil fuel.

What’s your bank’s stance on GAS? 

Take the Bank Rank.

With UniSuper we can look forward to a future worth retiring for, that doesn’t cost the earth.

2/ Switch to a greener energy company
Like Momentum Energy – 100% owned by Australia’s largest renewable energy generator, Hydro Tasmania.
Whichever power company you choose, the energy you get is pretty much identical.
So support our clean energy future by choosing one that scored 4.5 stars in Greenpeace’s 2022 Green Electricity Guide.
Want to go one greener? 
Add in GreenPower when you sign up (Momentum offers up to 100%)
Switch now to support renewables.
Call 1800 627 228
Learn more

3/ Consider switching to a carbon neutral telco. 

BELONG is Australia’s 1st certified carbon neutral mobile and internet provider (at no extra cost you.) 

So you can surf the real wide web, while caring about the real wide world.

Learn more

Because there’s no TikTok on a dead planet.

NB: Humanity’s goal isn’t offsetting carbon emissions.
It’s to stop burning the fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) fuelling climate change.
It’s gonna take us all, ya’ll.




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